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Catch and Release Only

Reminder, Mooney Lake is a “Catch and Release Only” lake. A sign has been purchased and will be posted near the lake on the walking path to Mooney Lake in the spring of 2021.

Blue Kayak Found

A blue kayak has been found on the shores of Mooney Lake. If you are missing a blue kayak, please use contact form below to retrieve. Also, please label your water toys with your name and phone number, so they can be easily returned.

2020 Annual Meeting

Due to Covid-19, the Mooney Lake Association Annual Meeting will be held online. The Board and committee members will share updates on existing programs. We are very excited to have Steve McComas from Blue Water Science and Tiffany Schaufler from Minnehaha Creek Watershed District as guest speakers.  It is also a great opportunity to ask…
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