About Us

Lake residents formed the Mooney Lake Association (MLA) in 1991 out of concern for decreasing water quality and heavy algae growth in the lake. In 2008, under the guidance of consultants, the MLA developed a lake management plan to identify strategies to improve the lake’s environment. In 2010, the MLA received non-profit status, allowing the association to apply for grants to support restoration projects.

It’s our mission and overall objective to protect the beauty, recreation, and overall ecosystem of Mooney Lake.


  • Lake Management Plan
  • Lake Water Monitoring
  • Sediment Surveys
  • Aquatic Plant Surveys
  • Fishery Management
  • Winter Aeration System


Our Board is made up of volunteers who have committed their time and talent to develop lake management strategies and goals, partner with organizations and volunteers, and coordinate activities year-round.

Board Members
John Verplank, President
Jim Walden, Vice President
Nathan Johnson-Williams, Treasurer
Sally Miller Walden, Secretary

MLA is seeking new board members and other volunteers. If interested, please complete form on home page. Thanks!

Committee Chairs
Judy Cannon, Invasive Plant Mitigation
Chuck & Carolyn Ringhofer, Winter Aeration
Jim Walden, Water Level Monitoring
Liz Weir, New Resident Communication


Special thanks to our partners:

Minnehaha Creek Watershed District
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
City of Medina
City of Orono
City of Plymouth
Minnesota Waters


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