How You Can Help

Everyday Actions

Even if you don’t live on water, you have a direct impact to the health of nearby lakes, waterways, and watersheds. Here are some simple actions you can take to help protect our waters.

  1. Practice lake-friendly lawn care. This includes using phosphorus-free fertilizers, reducing the use of pesticides, and controlling pet waste. Also, don’t mow your lawn down to the shoreline; keep a 10 ft buffer of long-rooted grasses and flowers to reduce run-off and erosion.
  2. Use phosphorus-free products. Aside from fertilizers, the primary source of phosphate is dishwasher detergents.
  3. Use rain barrels. They conserve water, reduce storm water run-off, and are easy to install.
  4. Minimize impervious surfaces. Use landscaping materials like mulch, gravel, and straw that allow water to infiltrate the soil.
  5. Plant a rain garden. A shallow, depressed garden will help absorb run-off and also create a habitat for birds and butterflies. More info from City of Plymouth on rain gardens here.
  6. Keep grass clippings out of the street and stormsewers. Green grass clippings and other yard waste are rich in phospohorous.


Use the form below to learn how to make your 100% tax-deductible donation. Your contribution will help fund education and lake management projects which monitor water quality and help maintain the control of aquatic plants, algae, and invasive species.

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